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Delirium Questions Answered:

Delirium Occurs in up to:

  • 25% of Medical Inpatients
  • 50% of Surgery Patients
  • 75% of Intensive Care Patients

Delirium can lead to long-term function, cognition, and social impairments.

Delirium can result in long-term care.

Identify Patients at Risk

Improve Cognitive Stimulation

Walk / Mobilize / Ambulate

Improve Sensory Input

Promote Sleep

Avoid Medications with Cognitive Effects

Empower Staff to Intervene

Encourage Family to Engage

Delirium is a rapid change in brain function, which primarily affects the ability to focus attention.  Delirium can fluctuate over the course of a day with periods of lucidity followed by increased confusion.

Delirium Treatment