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Delirium Citizen

  Take the Challenge

  Screen Patients for Delirium

  Pledge #IcanPreventDelirium

Delirium Hero

  Develop a Quality Program for Delirium

  Educate others to increase Delirium Awareness

Delirium Superhero

  Expand Delirium Awareness Across the Country/World

  Engage with your Delirium Society

  Collaborate Across the Globe to Improve Delirium Care

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Become a Delirium Superhero

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What are your WDD2018 Plans?

Share with us on Twitter: @iDelirium_Aware

e-mail Stories/Photos to: iDelirium.ifds@gmail.com

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Actions to take #WDAD2018

  • Commit to using the term 'delirium'
  • Screen your patients for delirium
  • Listen to patient and family stories about the experience of delirium
  • Engage your leadership in a discussion of Delirium
  • Educate health professionals about delirium
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Take the World Delirium Day 2018 Challenge

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Welcome to iDelirium

World Delirium Awareness Day Headquarters

14 March 2018

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Let Your Voice Be Heard!

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World Delirium Day 2018 Posters:

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What are Sites Doing?

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